TB 42

TB 42 commercial vehicle wash for automatic exterior cleaning. The 3-brush gantry allows a washing height of 4.25 m and offers total flexibility for different vehicle sizes and types.


As flexible as your requirements: the TB 42 commercial vehicle wash for automatic exterior cleaning is ideal for various vehicle sizes – from small vans to buses, articulated lorries and lorries with trailers. Two pairs of photoelectric sensors ensure a precise washing process, reliably recognising a wide range of modifications (tailgates, spoilers, mirrors and mirror positions). With a maximum washing width of 2.90 metres and a maximum washing height of 4.25 metres, various options are available for numerous vehicle types for flexibility. If required, the hot-dip galvanised steel framework can be adjusted on site in height and width to suit local conditions: the system and washing height in steps of 100 mm by up to 300 mm and the washing width by up to 200 mm. The 3-brush gantry is user-friendly. This includes individually selectable washing programmes for different degrees of soiling as well as cabinets for electrical, media and water facilities, which can be easily accessed from the front. The TB 42 is also available powder-coated on request (with primer in RAL 7012).

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