NT 22/1 Ap Bp L Pack

With the NT 22/1 Ap Bp L we offer the first battery powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner for professional requirements. With a powerful Battery Power+ battery for maximum suction power and long runtimes.

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Compact, light and versatile: Thanks to its powerful Kärcher Battery Power battery, our NT 22/1 Ap Bp battery powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner also impresses in places without an external power supply for demanding wet and dry applications. The Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, which is protected from dirt and liquids by a flap, ensures high suction power and a long runtime of the vacuum cleaner. The versatile machine is equipped with a space-saving flat pleated filter and electronic water shutoff and is therefore suitable for vacuuming liquids, coarse dirt and fine dust. With its compact dimensions and low weight, transportation and handling are very simple – particularly also in tight spatial conditions and heavily frequented areas. The design of the flat machine head also means it can be set down on tools and boxes.

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