KM 75/40 W G

Powered by a low-emission petrol engine with infinitely adjustable sweeping speed: Compact and manoeuvrable KM 75/40 W G push vacuum sweeper from Kärcher for outside areas.


Our KM 75/40 W G push vacuum sweeper is powered by a reliable, low-emission and powerful Kohler petrol engine with 3.3 kW, which naturally complies with all applicable emission regulations. This makes it perfect for fast and thorough cleaning of outside areas larger than 600 square metres, such as car parks, playgrounds or other municipal spaces. Perfect cleaning results are ensured by the overhead sweeping principle with connectible side brush, tool-free sweeping surface adjustment and a main sweeper roller that can be changed with no tools required. The powerful suction effectively prevents dust dispersion, while efficient cleaning of the flat pleated filter ensures constant suction power. The clever EASY Operation operating concept, the movable 40-litre waste container with trolley system and the integrated traction drive with infinitely adjustable sweeping speed ensure maximum user convenience while working and therefore enable long applications with the very compact and manoeuvrable KM 75/40 W G without tiring.

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